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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Bunny In My Easter Basket

Sometimes it's difficult for me to find exactly what I am looking for when I am on the hunt for a special litem.  I went to most of my favorite stores for my treasure hunt and even managed to take a break for some Starbucks coffee and a tasty treat! Afterall, shopping is such hard work and a girl needs a break to catch her breath! I'm not a spring chick anymore! It was a pleasant break enoying the warmth from the sunshine that peerd through the window as I was relaxing drinking hot coffee on a cool winter day. I got the pick me up that I needed and set out once again for the hunt!  I was very excited as I approached that what I was thinking that I found what I was looking for.  I picked the bunny rabbit up off the shelf and took a closer look and seemed to like everything about him.  I certainly was pleased with his height, his eyes were very charming, and he definitely had good manners. Yes, everything about him seemed to fit my expectations, and goodness knows he was probably just as ready as I was to leave the store and find out what would be next on the bunny trail.

He is just perfect for this nice Easter floral arrangement! He is definitely the right size; just right for what I wanted him for!  He is holding a carrot in his hand for a tasty treat when he goes to the Easter Egg Hunt.  Speaking of Easter eggs, do you see all of the colorful Easter eggs in the basket?  There are sparkly colors of blue, pink, and yellow that is such a nice compliment to the daisies and calla lillies.  I hope that you enjoyed my cute little find and how I placed him in a field of flowers and Easter Eggs for us all to enjoy!

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